Friday, September 30, 2011

Weekly Blog Roundup

Happy Friday and goodbye September! Here are my favorite blogs via Tumblr for this week.

One. Glamour Magazine 
All things fashion
Two. J.Crew
A behind the scenes look at everyone's favorite preppy store
Three. What I Wore
Endless outfit inspirations
Four. Rules For My Unborn Son
One to share with mom and dad
Five. The New Yorker
A classic

P.S. tumblr is a quick and easy way to enter into the blogging world

Roll Tide this weekend!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Very Braidy Thursday

Those who know me know that I LOVE braids. My hair is braided on a daily basis, I think it's a great alternative to a boring ponytail. Since I get asked so much about braiding how-tos, I rounded up all the best braid tutorial videos, so everyone can learn how!

Classic French Braid 

via Beauty Editor On Call

Fishtail Braid

via Cupcakes and Cashmere

Waterfall Braid

via Love Maegan

Inverted Braid (I just learned this one!)

via Elle & Blair

Everyday Braids
 Inverted Braid
 Half-Up Fishtail Braid
Waterfall Braid

Thanks to Gloria and Ashley for being my braid models!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rain Essentials

Rain essentials

I wasn't originally going to post on rain essentials but the past few days have been rainy, so I thought this post was much needed. I know whenever it rains I just want to be comfy and warm, but by the end of the day I end up hot. So the best way to tackle the guessing game of dressing for a rainy day is layering.

Most people think wellies are the only option for rain footwear but there are so many other choices (although I am in love with those two tone hunter wellies)! I added a pair of Tory Burch jelly flats as a more practical shoe for the rain, but Bean boots are also a great choice.

Opt for a hairstyle that won't go crazy the moment you set out the door. Go for a sleek ponytail or a fun braid (more about braids tomorrow) that can look chic and under control.

Lastly everyone needs a statement umbrella!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organized Clutter: Desk Edition

Keeping my desk organized is a constant uphill struggle.  No matter how hard I try, clutter somehow seems to always find it's way on to my desk.  Luckily these few tips have helped me keep my clutter somewhat organized.

Tip One: Storage, StorageStorage
I am a firm believer that the key to staying organized is lots of storage! The more the better, from baskets and plastic tubs to pencil holders, you can never have too much storage. 

Tip Two: Control the Cords
Whenever I'm working on computer (which feels like 90% of the time) I can get so frustrated with the vast amount of cord that are always gravitate around my computer.  Figuring out where to plug everything and where it can stay plugged in is essential. 

Quick and easy fix from The College Prepster

Tip Three: Get Rid of "Extras"
Instead of having 20 different pens at your desk, consolidate just a few of your favorite pens.  Along with your pens keep a pencil or two, highlighter, and a sharpie handy.

My favorite Paper Mate Flair Pens

Tip Four: Allow Yourself Only One Task at a Time
The more books, spirals, folders, and notes you have on your desk the more cluttered it will stay. Give yourself a task, work on it then put it away before you start on something new. (Note: When the time calls for multiple books and notes your best bet is to move to the kitchen table or the library.)
My somewhat clear happy desk


Monday, September 26, 2011

Embracing Autumn

Since Friday marked the official start of autumn, I spend the weekend preparing for the upcoming change of season. I was able to knock off a lot of tasks on my fall cleaning check list. I was also excited to pull some of my fall essentials out of storage.
Ankle Boots from Madewell

Some favorite sweaters

I also put a little fall wish list together (Just in time for a shopping trip with mom)

1. A pair of Penny Loafers or Driving Mocs

2. Leather Satchel

3. Leopard Belt

4. Bean Boots

5. Black Vest


Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here's my favorite blog posts of the week!
One. Lil Blue Boo's Mother of Fall cleaning list:
This was the perfect list to help me get started on some much needed cleaning. I am defiantly a checklist person, so I instantly fell in love with it! I plan on printing a copy to put on my fridge for my roomies.
Click the link above to download your own copy from LBB

Two. Capital Hill Style's Tips for wearing a scarf
I am not a person who often wears scarfs, but I admire those who can throw them on and look effortlessly chic. These easy how to's gave me a little more confidence in pairing a scarf with an everyday outfit. 
Loving the color right now.

Three. Life Hacker's How to Hand Wash:
I always buy shirts that say in the tag "Hand Wash Only", but I never knew how to properly hand wash these items until now! 

Four. College Prepster's Outfits from
I saw the original article here and had been dying to know where those black platforms were from!
typical, they are sold out

OMG I was seriously laughing out loud in class while reading this parody tumblr of Suri Cruise. One of my sorority sisters shared this with me and I read the entire thing in one sitting. 
If I was a celeb child I would be extremely intimidated by this pint-sized diva.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Never-Ending Project

All last spring and into the summer I searched for the perfect college graduation gift for MG aka my boyfriend.  After much research and consideration, I decided a needlepoint belt was the ticket.  I couldn't just buy any needlepoint belt but one with an Alabama flag (MG loves flag belts and was lacking an Alabama one).

Unfortunately I was not able to find one to purchase, so I decided to make one myself! I though how hard could it be? In reality it's not a simple finish in a weekend project. After scouring the internet for all things needlepoint, I went ahead with my making the belt. I started on it the week before I moved back to college for rush thinking I would finish by September, boy was I wrong. Needlepoint is a simple task that takes a lot of time and patience. MG will probably not have his belt in his hands until after Christmas.

the current state of the belt
up-close dealing of the flag
One of my sweet friend's mom sent me a stack of needlepoint magazines that are waiting to be read on my desk (along with an issue of the National Journal MG left during his last visit)

In the end I would recommend a needlepoint project as a sweet gift as long as you have the patience and time. I also would recommend starting out with something a little less demanding than a belt, more like something along the lines of this. If don't have the time to do the needlepoint yourself, Tucker Blair has some great options as does Smathers and Branson. Contacting your local needlepoint shop is another option. 

p.s. If your in the Dallas area check out Needlepoint This! off Lovers. They ladies are SO nice and will help you with any size project!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hair Pretties

Lately I've been obsessed with these hairbands (but not with that price tag).  I first saw them on lil blue boo, then during rush these hairbands were literally everywhere. I had to get my hands on some, so after some research I decided a DIY project was the best route.  I ordered some fold over elastic aka FOE from a store on etsy.  If you just search FOE, you will find what you need. I used a seller who was geographically close for quicker shipping. I spent about $7 total and got 20 yard then sold the hairbands to my sorority sisters for 3 for $1 and broke even. Each hairband is about 7inches long but can vary depending on the thickness of your hair.
Here are some that I made
Seen in a fishtail braid

I love these hairbands 1. the awesome colors 2. they don't pull my hair out! (some people even say they don't leave creases in your hair, but the jury is still out)

ps. don't worry DZs I'm ordering more fabric! 

Expectations of this blog

For the past 4 years I have been "blogging" (if you count tumblr as blogging) on and off. I have decided to make a return to blogging with the purpose of sharing the information I learn on the internet with all my friends. I can't tell you how many times in a week people ask me where I learned something/gotten an idea from and my response is always, I read it in a blog. So with my return to blogging I have a few simple goals.
1. Share interesting and fabulous ideas with all my friends
-From all things DIY, fashion, politics, breaking news, beauty, and much more. 
2. Keep up with this blog and not let it fall off the face of the internet
-No one wants to look at a blog when the last post was 3 months ago.
3. Improve my writing 
-Practice makes perfect.

Hopefully I will succeed with these simple goals and make this blog the best it can be.