Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Read Part 1

Since Memorial day weekend usually kicks off the start of summer, I thought I would share what books I'm loading up my kindle for the beginning of the season. It's no secret that I LOVE my kindle, I read so much more because it's something I tote around everywhere I go! I'm going to try and read a variety of books over the summer from classics and history to biographies and some light-hearted reads.

The Classic: Catcher in the Rye
I have read this book probably 5 times since my junior year of high school, it is one of my absolute favorites.  I guess there is something about Holden Caulfield that keeps me coming back, or maybe it's the east coast/NYC setting that gets me.  If you have never read it, please go to Half-Price Books  NOW and snag a copy, hopefully you don't regret it. 

The Memoir: Rather Outspoken: My life in the 

Last night I tuned into Andy Cohn's show Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, his guest were Dan Rather and John Mayer. I'm going to be honest and I say I was much more excited to see John Mayer than Dan Rather, but it turns out I enjoyed Rather way more than Mayer.  I loved hearing all about the different people Rather had interviewed over his 40 years in journalism so much that I've decided to purchase his book! This works out perfectly because I know my mom will love to read it later on this summer.

The Funny/Light-Hearted: Most Talkative: Stories from the Front Lines of Pop Culture

Those who are close to me know that I LOVE Andy Cohen.  I mean come on, look what he was build at Bravo and I just love watching him on WWHL (I've been watching since his first episode with SJP). Whenever I fly from Dallas to Columbus, OH or DC (were MG lives) I almost always have layovers in STL (Andy's Hometown) and I always secretly hope I catch of glimpse of him heading to or from NYC. Maybe I'm crazy, but I cannot wait to read his book! 

What are you reading this summer?


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


The Great Gatsby Trailer was released today!

Now I am ready to reread the book just in time for Memorial day weekend.


Grad Gowns

I'm not graduating this May but I've seen so many dresses I would love to wear to my graduation. I put together a little polyvore set with a few of my favorite dresses that I would pick for graduation (high school or college!).  I think that a graduation dress should be classic, something you look back on and still love.  So I picked out 5 simple but nicely tailored dresses in simple color palettes, the less busier the better in my opinion. Enjoy!

Grad to Grownup


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Check my pulse?

Today I'm going to address impulse shopping and how great it can be! Normally I wouldn't categorize myself as an impulse shopper but lately I have made some purchases that are out of character for me. Usually when I shop I am looking for a certain item and weight heavily on whether or not to purchase.  Over Christmas I went inbetween Madewell and J.Crew probably 3 or 4 times before deciding which coat I was going to purchase, I drive myself CRAZY!

Lately though I have given way to a few impuse purchases that are so unlike me, first is I bought a few piece of jewelry from Accessories Auctions. Which I ended up being beyond HAPPY with!
(bracelet on the left is Accessories Auctions)

Next impulse purchase I made was signing up for Birchbox. I have always looked into Birchbox but was never sold, that is until the came out with a Gossip Girl edition and that pushed me over the edge. I'm still waiting on my first box but I will certainly share when I receive it!

My final impulse purchase I made over the last few weeks was to Pre-Order John Mayer's new CD Born and Raised. I totally forgot I even purchased it until this morning when I got an email alerting me it was available for download.  I'm thrilled to listen to the whole album today!

So overall I am so happy with my lastest impulse purchases, maybe this is me changing my ways? Probably not, I'm currently researching a Rebecca Minkoff mini MAC I am dying to purchase.

Do you impulse shop?


Monday, May 21, 2012

Twist on H2O

One thing I love about summer is all the fresh fruit and vegetables that are available.  We picked up a watermelon this past weekend I cannot wait to cut into it today.  I'm also excited to try out some fruit infused water. Last summer I stumbled across the coffee table book, "Spa Water" inspired by the Cooper Clinic, which sparked my interest.

Here is what I'm most excited to try out:

Lemon Mint Infused Water (But I would add cucumbers)


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flick or Float

I got up this morning with a dilemma on my hands... will I catch a movie or will I spend my day floating in the pool?

I really want to see The Five Year Engagement, because I love Emily Blunt.

But I also want to see Tim Burton's Dark Shadows, but the reviews haven't been too stellar. 
I'll report back later with a review or a sunburn.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012


So I have a confession to share: I am extremely fascinated with ballet. The kind of fascination that I wish my mom would of stopped all of the gymnastics classes and sports teams and instead added more ballet (I took ballet and tap for 2 years just like any good little girl).

I enthralled with the black swan craze last year and seriously could not get enough of it. I feel like I have TONS of friends that danced ballet, even my roommate danced at school during her freshman year. With that said I'm dying to see this documentary First Position.

I just love to watch how graceful the dancers are and how easy they make everything look.


ps. I'm sure by the time they start broadcasting from London for the Olympics I'll be happy for my gymnastic roots.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pish Polish

i travel incognito, but always bring poppy-rozzi. - Essie
<b>lights</b><p>an electric pink neon


<b>camera</b><p>a brilliant coral pink neon


<b>action</b><p>a vibrant light orange neon


<b>bazooka</b><p>a bright orange neon



For the last week and a half I have been searching far and wide for Essie's Poppy-Razzi collection and have had ZERO luck.

The closest I got to finding any of these was at Ulta where they had one bottle of camera left (and it was gross aka people had been using it YUCK). Everywhere else I've been never had this collection but instead already has the newer summer collection. I'm dying to try out all of these colors. I love that they are neon but not trashy neon.

I've come to the conclusion that I will never own these polished unless I order them online, but it's my thing when it comes to beauty products. So does anyone have any suggestions for other great summer polishes?


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Back for the Summer!

After taking a week at home to doing nothing following finals, I'm ready to get back into the swing of things! My summer is going to be a relaxing one, all I'm doing is going on a few trips, studying for the October LSAT, and taking a few easy online classes.

To get things started off right I rounded up my must haves for the summer

Sunshine Style

I love a low key summer style that you can throw on in 10 minutes, with that in mind I chose simple but bright accessories to the basic beauty produces and the easy tshirt combinations.

As for the pink YSL wallet/clutch, I am DYING to actually have this YSL clutch which sadly is no longer available at Neiman Marcus. Maybe I can find one by mid summer, fingers crossed. 


ps. anyone signed up for birchbox?! I just signed up this month for the Gossip Girl themed on and can't wait for it to arrive.